giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

Horn Concertos

Back to the roots  for a  while: this is  a collection of horn concertos from the old capriccio recordings.

Some more details on the tracklist

mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013

1612 Italian Vespers

Historical notes,  free downloads and videos of the recording

Track listing

1 – Versicle & Response: Deus, in adiutorium meum (Viadana)

2 – Antiphon I: Dum esset Rex in accubitu suo (plainchant) Psalm 109:Dixit Dominus (Viadana)

3 – Exaudi, Deus (Barbarino)

4 – Antiphon II: Laeva eius sub capite meo (plainchant) Psalm 112:Laudate, pueri (Viadana)

5 – Benedictus Dominus Deus Sabaoth (A. Gabrieli)

6 – Antiphon III: Nigra sum sed formosa (plainchant) Psalm 121: Laetatus sum (Viadana)

7 – O dulcissima Maria (Viadana)

8 – Antiphon IV: Iam hiems transiit (plainchant) Psalm 126: Nisi Dominus(Viadana)

9 – Quae est ista (Palestrina)

Quae est ista

10 – Antiphon V: Speciosa facta es (plainchant) Psalm 147: Lauda, Ierusalem (Viadana)

11 – Toccata del 9. Tono (A. Gabrieli)

12 – Capitulum (plainchant)
Hymn: Ave, Maris Stella
(vv.1, 7 Monteverdi; vv.2, 4, 6 Soriano; vv.3, 5 plainchant)

13 – Versicle & Response (plainchant)

14- Magnificat antiphon: Beatam me dicent (plainchant)
Magnificat à20.à28. Con il sicut locutus. In ecco. (after G. Gabrieli, reconstructed Hugh Keyte)

15 – Ab aeterno ordinata sum (Monteverdi)

16 – Versicle & Response and Collect of the feast (plainchant)

Salve Regina (plainsong)

17 – Extraliturgical Motet: In ecclesiis (G. Gabrieli, reconstructed Hugh Keyte)

lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

Claudio Monteverdi - Missa "In illo tempore"

Always the same.

More infos

Adrian Willaert - Vespro della Beata Vergine

FLAC, EAC log, 7zip archive, front/back cover no booklet unfortunately (refer to my previous post explanation).

More informations including english notes

Love, Revelry and the Dance in mediaeval music

Flac files, EAC logs, 7zip archives. Links in comments.

Full tracklist and online pdf  booklet (included into the archive too).

Yes it's been a while since  my last post, almost 2 years. I figured out christmas is near why not make some people happy? I don't have really much time anymore so I won't be able to make full scans of all my releases, front and back covers at best, unless I can find the pdf booklet online like this one. But music is what counts, isn't it?
Keep in mind I won't follow any schedule. I may release 10cds tomorrow in a batch and nothing for the next couple months or distribute them evenly.

Also  1st time I'm using embedupload hope I won't screw things up. Enjoy.

lunedì 11 luglio 2011

Johann Wilhelm Wilms - Symphonies

Johann Wilhelm Wilms - Symphonies
EAC RIP | FLAC + CUE + LOG | HQ Scans | 582mb
Challenge | Released: 2006
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra - Anthony Halstead